Osy Milian (Havana, Cuba, 1992) is a visual artist based in Havana and New York. Her work is developed mainly in painting, although it also includes sculpture, drawing and objects. She is interested in representing her personal experiences and creating the sensation of a shared mystery.


Systems work according to certain inexorable paradigms that exceed us, frequently in a pragmatic and brutal way. Sometimes, the best option is to wait statically, go with the flow. I redefine the escape as the impossibility to flee; questioning issues such as stagnation, the eternal wait and the dilation of time.

The characters in the paintings reflect a strange immutability and a peaceful persistence. Inactive and static, awaits the occurrence of some event, a change of external origin that reverses their situation. I propose iconographic combinations among characters, birds and objects in a kind of theatrical setting. On the contrary, birds glorify statism, failed attempts to overcome heights.

In parallel, I use the concepts of science because they allow the establishment of similarity relathionships among the different systems and man’s life. The intermolecular behaviors represent an analogy of human relationships, related to political systems, their stability and resulting revolutions.